Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkins in Disguise

Jack o'Meow Meow
 - a pumpkin disguised as a jack o'lantern masquerading as a sassy kitty

My Etsy team, RNEST, has monthly creativity challenges centered around a theme. This week's theme is "In disguise." So inspired, I designed four pumpkins in disguise. First, they are all disguised as jack o'lanterns, but I couldn't stop there. I thought it would be really fun to play around with why and when people use disguises. The theme speaks to Halloween, which is where the jack o'lanterns came in for me. But I wanted to have even more fun with it and so I started thinking of one of my favorite things: historical romance novels and the "fancy dress balls" they are always attending. Fancy dress or masquerade balls seem so romantic and fun and I just had to incorporate that into my project. So, take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine a world of pumpkins-turned-jack o'lanterns and what they might be doing in Victorian times. They might indeed be getting all fancied up for a fancy dress ball, like my pumpkins have.

I'm still working on three of the pumpkins, but the one shown is Jack o'Meow Meow.  This jack o'lantern is masked and ready for the ball - and is ready to compete against some scary competition. Check it out here! I'd love your vote!

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Good to Know Crafty People

This weekend my family and I went to Hearts and Crafts, an indie art and craft show here in Rochester. One of the best things about being a crafty person is knowing other crafty people. If I don't know how to or don't want to make it myself, I probably know someone who excels at making whatever it is for me.

Here's a few crafty people whose wares are now my own (or, rather, whose wares are now Zoe's):

Kira Arts: Her nubbins are a favorite of Zoe's. In fact, Zoe so loves her orange nubbin, a gift from Kira, that she's loved the heart right off.

RErooted: We picked up this very cool bottle from a new-to-us artist. We love combination of the shiny new wire work on the old, foggy bottle and imagine we'll house all the little flowers Zoe will pick for us - when she actually starts walking and can go flower picking. Ha!

Nancy Topolski: I've admired Nancy's work for some time now. Her Foundlings are just beautiful and adorable. I know Zoe will own one eventually, but yesterday I actually bought something for myself: fingerless gloves.  Now, while you are reading this blog, you can rest assured that my hands were warm while writing it!