Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Good to Know Crafty People

This weekend my family and I went to Hearts and Crafts, an indie art and craft show here in Rochester. One of the best things about being a crafty person is knowing other crafty people. If I don't know how to or don't want to make it myself, I probably know someone who excels at making whatever it is for me.

Here's a few crafty people whose wares are now my own (or, rather, whose wares are now Zoe's):

Kira Arts: Her nubbins are a favorite of Zoe's. In fact, Zoe so loves her orange nubbin, a gift from Kira, that she's loved the heart right off.

RErooted: We picked up this very cool bottle from a new-to-us artist. We love combination of the shiny new wire work on the old, foggy bottle and imagine we'll house all the little flowers Zoe will pick for us - when she actually starts walking and can go flower picking. Ha!

Nancy Topolski: I've admired Nancy's work for some time now. Her Foundlings are just beautiful and adorable. I know Zoe will own one eventually, but yesterday I actually bought something for myself: fingerless gloves.  Now, while you are reading this blog, you can rest assured that my hands were warm while writing it!

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