Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Design: The Trifecta

I love creating new designs and improving old ones. Actually, I think that, like most creative individuals, I'm constantly perfecting processes and designs everytime I make an item - regardless of how many times I've made it. It is fun, fun, fun, though, to make a new design.

My new wallet is a combination of both an improvement on an existing design and the creation of a new one.

The Trifecta is a billfold-style wallet (existing design) with space for cards, cash, and coins (the coin pocket is where the new design comes in!) I 1. am a perfectionist and 2. have always hated sewing zippers, so this wallet was a long time in coming. I really wanted to get it just right and find a way to work with zippers that didn't make me want to scream, so I focused a lot of energy on that little coin pocket. And I found a fun new supply: Sullivan's Make-a-Zipper.

How I love these rolls of zippers - they are brilliantly easy to work with and allow me to use just as much zipper as I need. There's no waste - which I love! So, with the addition to a cute zippered coin pocekt, the Trifecta is a fun-to-make addition to my current family of wallets: Simply Chic and Doubly Chic - plus it's got a really fun name!

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