Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the Studio Table Today: Labels and Valentines

Valentine works in progress
Today I've been working on valentines, just in time for Valentine's Day. I like to make a cool and unique valentine every year and this year's card has a kind of graphic arts theme. A friend had a black and white image with a bright scarlet heart as her profile picture on Facebook and it inspired this design. I really enjoy how the red pops off the grey and black. I'm finishing the hot pink polka dot on black and white and I REALLY like the look of that one, too. I have plans for two more designs to complete the bunch.

Brand new labels!
The other exciting thing I've been working on today is labels! One of my to-do list items for this year was to get labels for my items. They came in today and this card is the first item in my shop that will have a label. Very exciting! 
Speaking of items marked off the "to-do" list, this blog and my new Facebook fan page were other items on the list. To announce and celebrate, I'm doing a giveaway of one of my Jotters on my Etsy team blog. The RNEST giveaway has gotten off to a roaring great start, so I've decided that if I get 100 entries, I'll offer up a second Jotter. So, head on over to the RNEST blog and enter!

The graphic arts valentine

New label on the new card

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  1. I love the contrast too! They turned out beautifully. Bravo. It's almost heartbreaking the scarlet red and dark background. Then again, I'm a little dramatic. But I love it!!!


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