Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quirky Custom Commissions

I, like most makers of handmade objects, love custom orders. I've actually gotten many of my new designs from folks asking me to make this or that. I have to say that I love getting requests for custom orders from one particular family. They've asked me to make "normal" things, like wallhangings and wallets, but my absolute favorites are the Dr. Who inspired items that they've requested.
So far, I've made a very fun tote bag inspired by the Tartus - Dr. Who's call box. The bag is the call box, complete with text, and the straps are from the best Dr. Who's scarf. It was a VERY fun and original project that I loved to make.

I've also made a bunch of U.N.I.T pins for the family. I'm not sure what these will be used for, but I truly had a ball making them.

I think the thing I love best is that it brings up great memories of my childhood. I remember watching Dr. Who with my family - especially my brother, Sunday mornings before church. Every custom Dr. Who project just takes me right back there! My hope is that these items help keep happy memories alive for this family, as they do for me while I'm creating them.


  1. I LOVE it! I never watched the older seasons, but my husband got me into Doctor Who when the newer seasons came out.

  2. That's my particular family!


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