Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: Inspiration

Flame - Fine Art Photograph
by Honey Tree
I'm often asked where I get my inspiration for some of my creations, so I thought I would share what inspires me in this Thursday's Thoughts.

1. Images in nature.
The combination of the gold, scarlet, and sunfire leaves against a cyan blue sky will drive me to include those colors in a quilt or small work of art. Natures pallette is amazingly inspiring.

2. Floor and carpets.
The geometric patterns on tile floors and the scrollwork on Oriental carpets really get my creative juices flowing! I love creating piecing patterns based on tilework and doing free-motion quilting inspired by the intricate designs in beautiful carpets.

Whenever I think, "Oh, I wish I had one of those." or "I wish this was reusable." I write myself a note and work on creating whatever it is. I love making functional and beautiful items that make someone's life easier.

4. Friends.
Friends and customers (who quickly become friends) often have suggestions and requests that inspire me to create something new. I love these suggestions because they are often for things I would never have thought of and challenge me to think outside my little box. That challenge is inspiring, too!

Graphic Arts Valentine
5. Randomness.
Sometimes just a random image or thought will drive an urgent need to create something. This happened just recently. A friend posted a new profile picture on Facebook. It was a black and white image of a boardwalk with a vibrant scarlet heart drilling into the center of the wood. The image was so striking that it inspired my design for this year's Graphic Arts Valentines.

Inspiration strikes from many different directions and not only helps me find new ideas, but gives me the energy and drive to face new challenges and work out difficult patterns. I love seeing something go from fleeting thought to completed design. Inspiration strengthens me for the middle time: the hard work of getting the design to actually work the way it does in my head.

What inspires you?

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