Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday on the Worktable: Quilted Tissue Pillows

I mentioned on Monday that half the cut fabric on my table was for a new design that I would show you today: Quilted Tissue Pillows! Oh boy, do I love these! About half of my creations come from personal necessity (while the other half come from requests from friends and customers) and these are something I've always needed to have on hand. As an allergy sufferer, there are never enough tissues around when I'm out and about. Having a cute little Quilted Tissue Pillow in my tote bag will be so handy! I hope you think so, too! When they are stuffed with a pocket pack of tissues they look like little pillows (or burritos, but Quilted Tissue Burritos doesn't sound quite as cute!)


  1. Adorable! Great teacher appreciation gifts (coming up!) or even baby shower gifts as something to put in the diaper bag.

    I just adore the fabric in the first pic with the cheerful flowers. :)

  2. @~The Bargain Babe
    Thanks so much! That fabric is one of my favorite and I am quickly running out of it - it was a destash from a friend, but I'm hunting for more!

    Those are great gifting ideas! Thanks!


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