Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday's Friday's Fresh Find: Holly Kitaura

Hello! I took the weekend off to celebrate my anniversary and didn't realize that my Friday Fresh Find didn't publish out - I had it scheduled in advance so that I wouldn't have to worry about it, but no luck! So, I figure since I didn't create any marvels for Monday's Marvels, I'd take the opportunity to share last Friday's Fresh Find with you instead! Enjoy!

Yesterday I got a new heart on Etsy and I love the way the new Etsy system works: when you get a new heart it shows up in your activity feed and you also see all the other favorites that the person who loves you has. That's how I found Holly Kitaura!

Mermaid Lullaby Art Print
I fell in love with this art the minute I saw the tiny thumbnail in my activity feed and just had to visit her shop! WOW just doesn't say it! I love the colors and brightness and depth! Holly is a Hawaiian artist and her art really illustrates my imagination of Hawaii: bright, beautiful, hot, lush, amazing!

Mushroom House
My particular favorite is Bubblebath Cat - I just can't get over the kitty in a bikini! Such whimsy, such fun! I hope you head over and check out these wonderful creations! Definitely a fresh find!
Bubblebath Cat

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