Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's Marvel: Fussy Cut Applique Patches

This weekend I had fun working on a custom bag for a client and friend. I'll show you the rest of the project in my Wednesday on the Worktable post, but today I wanted to share something a little new and a little different that I made for this project: fussy cut applique patches. Now, I've done fussy cutting before - cutting out a particular motif on fabric, rather than cutting yardage as normal. And I've done applique and made patches. I've just never combined all three in this way.
Mermaid applique patches - fun fun!

The little mermaids on Michael Miller's Sea Beauties fabric were just perfect for this project. The little patches will be the perfect addition to this bag - adding just the right amount of fun and funky! If you know how to cut and applique, you can make fun patches for your projects, too. I can see these being great added to the front of a journal, bag, purse, or apparel item. They'd be incredibly cool on quilted works of art too!

Michael Miller's Sea Beauties fabric
is perfect for this kind of project!
Hmmm, I'm giving myself ideas! I created a dolphin landscape mini quilt last year. Maybe it's time to add a few sea beauties to those waves!
I think it's time to create a second sea landscape quilt with a
couple sea beauties surfing the waves!


  1. I LOVE the cute patches, at some point can you do a tutorial on how to make them? I'm not as crafty with a sewing machine as you, so I'm not sure what 'applique' means. I would love to be 'in the know' :)

  2. Hi Sunshyne! Great idea about the tutorial. I'll put something together.

    Thanks, Debbie!


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