Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: Ready for Spring!

Organic Bachelor Button Seeds
from Wall Flower Studio
Right now all I can think about is spring. Rochester just got another serving of snow as the crocuses were trying to show their faces. I truly love all four seasons, but I'm ready for winter to hand over the reigns to spring! So, in that vein, here are five thoughts to get us ready for spring:

From Better Homes and Gardens:
Yoga for gardening: I'm a newly avid gardener - have a large square foot garden in my backyard which we will be doubling in size this year, plus I do yoga, so this one is perfect for me. If you are love both or are new to either, take a gander at this link.

From Wall Flower Studio Seeds:
Cultivate a different attitude about pests: I read  great post today about dandelions and made the decisions to think about alot of other springtime pests the same way. Not as the enemy, but just as one part of the beautiful season.

From TLC:
Spring clean. . .naturally! If you live anywhere like Rochester, the winters are long and by the time spring gets here, I am only interested in being outside (and in the sunny studio). I do my spring cleaning while winter is still hanging on. That makes using natural cleaning methods even more important since the windows are usually still shut.

Change up your decor for spring on the cheap! Even if it doesn't look like spring outside, bring a spring inside will lift spirits and get your home ready for the season! I have to admit that I need to take this one to heart - I've sort of not taken down my Christmas tree yet (tee hee!). We could use a little springification in this house! You can find beautifully crafted spring items to decorate your home by doing a simple search with the keyword "spring home decor" on Etsy!

and from Me:
Take a walk around your neigborhood. Even here in Rochester with snow on the ground there are lovely signs of spring. I love walking the block, re-meeting neighbors I rarely see during the winter hibernation!

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  1. Michelle, thank you so very much for this. It's a wonderful post, and I appreciate the mention.
    Great links for me to visit, too!
    I'm so glad that to meet you, a like minded person, and I think you summed up in a couple sentences, what took me about 5 paragraphs to say! ; )
    Love your Etsy shop, and am now following along with your Facebook page and blog, too.
    Thanks again!
    Wishing you much success,


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