Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday on the Worktable: Karen's Under-the-Sea Satchel

My friend Karen, of Duncan Creative, asked me to make her a new satchel. She fell in love with Michael Miller's Sea Beauties fabric, but wanted that for the interior to avoid having the bag look like a diaper bag. I decided to create the bag in dark brown to 1. match the hair of a couple of the mermaids and 2. hide dirt!

I had a ball creating this custom satchel. I love the mermaid-covered fabric Karen chose. I decided to compliment it with variegated sea blue thread for the quilting. I love how it pops off the dark brown. The addition of the patch I showed you on Monday gives her a little preview of the interior and then when she opens the bag she gets a nice under-the-sea surprise!

And don't think this bag is just a pretty face. With five pockets on the inside, a large pocket on the bag, and an attached key fob, this little beauty is a workhorse too! I have a good feeling that it's just what Karen is looking for!

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