Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday on the Worktable: Armband-Style iPod Pouches

On my worktable this week is an armband-style iPod Touch Pouch - a special request. I've made several of these over the past few months, but always as custom orders. I'm not sure if I'll have them listed in the shop as a regular item, though I think they're pretty cool. I actually need to make one for myself. They're great to use when you're working out, but I do that at home and just blast the stereo. I want one for when I'm outside gardening. I ALWAYS wear pants or shorts that have no pockets and am at a loss for where to put my iPod! You'd think I would have made myself one of these already, right!?!

Armband attaches to the pouch with a button.
Simply unattach the armband to use the pouch, well, as a pouch!

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