Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: Time Management

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Time management, one of my favorite subjects because I am so very bad at it! By day, I work fulltime as an Instructional Designer and my afternoon, evening, and weekend hours are consumed by running my business, maintaining relationships, and caring for my home. Not an uncommon story - everyone has demands on thier time that they need to manage. I thought for this first Thursday's Thoughts, I would comb the internet for words of wisdom on time management (which is actually a great use of my time since I have a time management project I'm working on at my day job! Two birds, one stone (not that I would throw a stone at a bird!))

"Take an hour or so the evening before to organize your chores for the next day."
Additions: On social networking:
"You don't have to do everything. It is easy to get sucked in [to social media], so limit your time on each site. 5 - 10 minutes is enough time for facebook and twitter, and the more you stick to a schedule the easier it will become."
Pure Handmade:
"I can not survive in my workshop without having my To Do list very visible on my desk. I have too much to do everyday that the only way to keep up with everything is having my TO DO List update."

An Etsy Life:
"DO NOT have a tv in your work space, and if you have no choice,  don't turn it on."

And from me:
Use your tools. Technology can be a time drain, but it can also be a time saver. Schedule a little time to explore the calendaring features of your phone, to find apps that will save time, to link work, home, school, and personal calendars in one, etc.
Hopefully some of these tips will help you! I know looking through all the great advise helped me and now off to work I go!

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  1. Great post, lots of good ideas! Thanks for sharing my idea in you post.

    I have a post on my blog today about multitasking vs. procrastination.
    Stop by and share your thoughts.

  2. Great minds think alike: time management & procrastination! Thanks Additionstyle! I enjoyed your blog, too!

  3. This is a great post. I have been dealing with some time management issues myself lately, trying to balance a household and a business... there are just so many things that call for your attention! These quotes are very helpful.

    ps- I feel like I should introduce myself. Hi, I am Jess. I think I commented on The Quilted House on FB. I am a new to the Rochester area so I have been having a lot of fun finding all the crafters and artsy blogs of the talented folk up here and I stumbled acrossed your blog. Your stuff is so pretty!! Looking forward to MAYDAY!


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